Monday 4 March 2013

Purchasing Managers - How BestCarHire Can Cut Your Costs.

According to the dictionary, procurement means the acquiring of goods or services. These goods and services must be relevant and they should be procured at the best price to ensure that they meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location. Large organisations and public bodies often develop processes to ensure that they are accountable and indeed auditable, and promote a competitive purchasing environment for their business while minimizing exposure to fraud and collusion.

So take an organisation which depends on finding transportation for its employees at home and abroad. To leave the responsibility of hiring a car to a travelling employee is both inconvenient for the employee as well as being potentially not cost effective. The employee is likely to go for the first rental company he or she comes across and request the most inefficient vehicle for the most inappropriate price. 

You can change that by switching your corporate car rental procurement to using

By downloading the iPad app, the iPhone app or indeed by using the BestCarHire website you will be in control of all your car rental purchasing at a more manageable price.

Here's an example - a London based utilities company is sending Jim a water quality expert to discuss a potential water cleansing project with a partner organisation in Dubai.

Using the BestCarHire iPad app from the offices in London, Sheila, the company's procurement assistant is able to key in the vehicle pickup location (Dubai Airport) the rental duration (7 days) the drop off location (Dubai Airport). 
She is then returned a variety of vehicles and costs, ranging from a Citroen C1 @ £13.79 per day to a Mercedes E280 @ £128 per day. So before Jim leaves London his car is already chosen for him, paid for and ready for his arrival in busy Dubai airport. One less thing for Jim to worry about and more importantly, one more thing that Sheila has done help to manage the company's costs. 

And to show how nice we are we've even thrown in a useful Currency Converter - handy for any cross- border transactions.

So let's see if BestCarHire can help you in a similar fashion!

Please Visit our website at for more details or download the iPhone and iPad apps from

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