Wednesday 18 September 2013

UK Autumn Mornings - Take Care When Driving

As the Autumn takes its hold in the UK, it brings with it additional perils of driving, namely strong bright early morning sun and swirling mist. The blinding sunlight coincides with the early morning rush hour, therefore creating a considerable risk to drivers.The drivers have two options:-
1. Reduce speed and flip down the sun visor
2. Slap on the shades -and look cool! has trawled the web to bring you some options when it comes to looking cool while driving.

So whether you just want to hire a car or a people carrier, just make sure that you are comfortable and capable before you turn that ignition.

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Grand Theft Auto V - Day One Review

With the launch today of the long awaited Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar North, brought together a panel of judges to review the game. Well actually it was Calum and Greig, maxed out on pizza and beer, giving it their best.

"What do you think of the graphics?" "Amazing man!, much better than before!" and I have to agree. They are stunning, so life-like that you truly believe that you are part of the whole scenario being acted out in front of you.
The on-screen radar provides much more detail than before and one thing I noticed was the amount of detail in the roads and pavements. With loose paving stones and rough untreated side roads.
Smash into a fire hydrant and watch the jet of water reach for the sky or why not go for a haircut or a shave at the Herr Kutz barber shop. Choose from many different styles and you can even grow a beard. Whilst the haircut is being administered the mirror reflects every movement.
The game itself has all the usual Grand Theft Auto trimmings, dangerous missions, car chases, excellent background radio stations with cool tunes, oh yes and the occasional bout of violent behaviour - but enough said about that.
Grand Theft Auto V wouldn't be GTA without the cars. Excellent detail, and obviously based upon existing famous car manufacturer's models, I spotted an Olympic Fury, an Albany Emperor Sedan and the Vapid Bullet.
Unfortunately you cannot hire any of these vehicles from but please don't let that put you off!
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