Sunday 3 March 2013

Get Your Band On The Road - Great Van Prices!

One of the most annoying things about gigging around the country is the cost of transport.
You know the feeling - you are all excited about getting that gig 100 miles away only yo to find that your well earned pennies disappears by the time you pay for transport to get you to and from the gig. Let's face it, it's not worth buying your own van unless you're full time and even that means leaving it lying on some driveway for a good part of the year. You could always pay some removal guy to get you there and back but that tends to be for local gigs.
At we can provide you with the ability to compare the market of local car and van suppliers thus giving you to get the best deals going.

Here's some examples:-

To hire a Ford Transit 350 LWB or similar
Ford Transit 350 LWB or similar 
on a Friday lunchtime in Glasgow, Scotland and returning on a
 Sunday afternoon would cost you £125.16
That's not bad is it?

Or how about accross the pond in Chicago?

Ford Clubwagon 12 passenger or similarA Ford Clubwagon 12 passenger or similarBooked for the same time slot this will cost you USD 505.21 for 2 days

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About the author
Malcolm McNeill is a well established IT consultant based in Glasgow, Scotland. His brainchild website was only launched in late 2012 but can now boast of many satisfied customers worldwide
Malcolm is also a member of a band and is well aware of all the issues with van hiring!

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