Tuesday 30 April 2013

Travelling in Ireland - A Thirty Second Tour

As the summer approaches it is time to think about how we can ideally spend our treasured leisure time.
One of the most rewarding and romantic locations is Ireland, be it the rugged Northern Ireland coastline at Antrim to Skibbereen, the most southerly town in Ireland.
Wherever you go in Ireland, you will be guaranteed a warm and hospitable welcome.
For the gastronomic travellers amongst us, there are no tastier oysters than those tasted at the Galway Oyster Festival (27th to 29th September 2013). If you've never tasted Irish Stew swallowed down with a couple of pints of Guinness, then you've a lot to learn.
Talking of "the Black Stuff", you will need to find time to fit into your busy schedule, a visit to a local Irish pub. My favourites are just off Temple Bar in the centre of Dublin, where apart from the vast range of beers and whiskers, you have entertainment thrown in free from the young ladies doing traditional Irish dancing, to the impromptu guitar, fiddle and bodhran entertainers crooning away in a corner.
The best way to get to Ireland is by air to Dublin or Belfast, or by ferry to Larne or Dublin. There is a good road network throughout Ireland, the best being focussed around the major towns and cities on the east coast. If arriving by air, there are various major car hire companies available.

The currency is the Euro in the south (Eire) and the UK pound in Northern Ireland.
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Malcolm McNeill

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Monday 15 April 2013

Dont Let the Bombers Win the Marathon

Today's Boston Marathon bombing is disgusting - an easy target.

To see the pictures of the aftermath, the once finely tuned bodies, broken and bloodstained breaks my heart.

Having run 2 marathons in the past I know the thoughts that will be running round the heads of all those taking part - euphoria mixed with agony - why here and why now?

The USA authorities will use all it's powers to get the terrorists, and deliver the appropriate punishment.

The fear is now the impact that this outrage will have on other fund-raising events, in particular the London Marathon next weekend.

Let's not also forget that the UK is staging a massive public event on Wednesday, namely ex-Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher's funeral.

For today our thoughts are with those in Boston.

Malcolm McNeill
CEO www.BestCarHire.com