Wednesday 28 August 2013

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How to make the kids think you are the best parent in the world - 

Get Yourself a People Carrier!

When I bought my first people carrier back in 1998 the Ford Galaxy was one of the new wave of vehicles built with the family in mind. This created a demand for similar people carriers from different manufacturers like the Volkswagen Sharan. All had one thing in common - the kids loved them!

Room for an average family, and their friends. Individual seats spaced apart to avoid sweaty bodies niggling each other. The ability to remove seats easily, allowing the people carrier to be turned into a good sized van. Another safety feature was the driver had good all-round vision, and the modern-day equivalents still boast this advantage.

Today's people carriers are classy. Known as the MiniVan in the United States, the types of vehicles available in the U.S. include the Chrysler Voyager suitable for 7 people, the Chevrolet Traverse again suitable for more the 6 people, the Ford Ecoline 8 seater and the monster 15 seater Ford Club Wagon.

Typically the people carrier and minivan come with the standard set of features. Take for example the Ecoline - With room for 8 passengers and 10 pieces of luggage, this air-conditioned, automatic passenger van is perfect for large groups looking to arrive at their destination in comfort. In the United Kingdom, the most popular people carriers are the Ford Galaxy and the Volkswagen Touran. Both the Galaxy and the Touran has room for 7 passengers and convenient luggage space, this air-conditioned, automatic passenger van is perfect for larger groups or families.

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